We all know the importance of keeping hydrated and cool in the summer, but did you know that properly caring for your home is just as important? Here are a few tips to help protect your home during the hot and rainy summer months.

1. Prevent Water Damage

With summer comes the season we all dread the most: HURRICANE SEASON! It is important that you inspect your roof, windows, gutters, and foundation for cracks. Every place of your home that has trimming should be inspected for cracks and worn away caulking to ensure there is no water damage to your home.

2. Paint

Not only does a paint job give your home a fresh, new look, it also helps to protect from rot and mold. Before painting, you should pressure wash the exterior of your home to remove dirt, stains, and even mildew that the paint may not cover. This tip is also great for the wooden fences around the perimeter of your yard.

3. Pest Control

Along with hurricanes, the summer also tends to bring out those pesky insects. You want to make sure that all cracks and potential entrances are properly sealed. Spraying preventative insecticides around the exterior of your home should also keep the pests at bay. Call an exterminator, if you see any insect nest created outside of your home. The exterminator will remove the nest and help you with tips for keeping them away for good.

4. Inspect and Adjust your Sprinklers.

The summer heat not only makes our mouths dry, but it also dries out our grass. Check your sprinklers and outdoor drains to make sure that they are functioning properly. Also, be sure to correctly set the timer to ensure that you are not over watering or underwatering your grass.

5. Trim your Trees

Tree trimming is very important during the summer, especially during hurricane season. Trees with shallow roots tend to uproot when strong force winds blow through. Trimming long branches close to your home can help to prevent them from crashing into your home if they fall.

Taking care of our homes in the summer is equally as important as taking care of ourselves. With these five tips, you and your home should be ready to brave the long, hot summers.