The roof is significant to the exterior of your home. Maintaining its good condition can help increase the longevity of its function. Part of its maintenance includes having it cleaned professionally. Dust and grime can collect in the crevices which needs attention. Also, varying climates can cause damage. For example, if you live in a hot and humid region, it is not uncommon for black or blue-green patches of algae to appear on the roof. This not only takes away from the aesthetic appeal of the exterior surface but can also weaken the roof, if not removed in time.

Here is why you should have it cleaned regularly by professionals:

Maintain The House’s Curb Appeal
Most roofs don’t even need any repairs. It is just saturated with grime, algae, and lichen. A thorough cleaning restores its original surface, which automatically improves the aesthetic of the house.

Prevent The Gutters From Clogging
If the roof is not cleaned properly, the collected leaves and other debris can clog the gutters. When the gutters don’t function normally, water stains are bound to appear on the siding. This can lead to damage to the foundation of the house.

Reduce Safety Risks Professional
Cleaning is also beneficial for managing safe cleaning. It is highly advised against trying roof cleaning on your own. Climbing a roof and cleaning is not safe without the proper equipment. This is why a professional should be hired, who is adequately skilled and equipped.

Enhance The House’s Energy Efficiency
Most people have light-colored roofs installed. The light color optimizes the heat absorption by bouncing the sunlight. If it becomes stained, this function will fail; trapping heat inside the attic. To maintain the heat optimization, cleaning is required to keep it light-colored.

Professional Roof Cleaning At SaniCan

Roof cleaning is offered at SaniCan as part of its exterior cleaning services.

Types Of Roofs
Whether you have asphalt, terracotta, tin or metal roofs, SaniCan has skilled professionals equipped with the right tools to clean them effectively.

Cleaning The Algae Buildup
Worried about algae accumulation on your roof? We use effective cleaning methods to get the stuff out of even the tightest corners. The result is cleaned and fresh looking roof that restores the aesthetic appeal of the house’s exterior.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions
At SaniCan, we use cleaning methods and products that don’t pose damage to the roof’s material or the environment. We avoid using chemical-oriented products that can damage not only its material but seep into the landscaping around the house. A low-pressure method is used without excessive scrubbing or brushing of the surface. The non-bleach products ensure metals don’t erode or evaporate as toxins into the air. SaniCan provides home exterior cleaning services in Monroe, Louisiana. Contact us today to learn more, or to get a free quote.