Power Washing vs. SoftWashing

Power Washing has been around for years. It is often seen as a way to remove grime, mud, mold, and other unwanted articles from the surface of homes, vehicles, concrete surfaces and buildings. It is important to know that the high pressure of water being sprayed from a power washing system can be harmful to your property. A great amount of damage can occur to outdoor fixtures, siding, paint, and a host of other exteriors. In addition, Power Washing won’t kill the algae, mold and bacteria growing on these surfaces. Constant maintenance is required to keep your property clean. Thankfully, there’s a safer and more effective solution to keeping your exterior surfaces clean and for longer, SoftWashing.

Commercial and Residential Services

SaniCan offers a SoftWash cleaning process to commercial or residential properties in Monroe, West Monroe, Rayville, and surrounding areas. With our help, you can rid yourself of power washing and enjoy the plentiful benefits of Softwashing. You can expect us to use low pressure water and an eco-friendly cleaning agent to ensure all the benefits of Power Washing. With our SoftWash process, you’re guaranteed the sanitation of bacteria, a job that lasts 2-3 times that of Power Washing, and no damage.

Softwashing is especially ideal for more delicate surfaces but can be used on any exterior in place of Power Washing. Our specialized system will not only provide you with more aesthetically pleasing exterior surfaces, but we also have the capability to collect water runoff as to not contaminate storm drains or the water table. It has truly revolutionized the exterior cleaning industry by allowing the safe removal of dirt and grime with the help of specialized solutions, eliminating the harshness of pressurized water. Using our SoftWash cleaning process, you can protect your biggest investment more efficiently while looking out for our environment!

At SaniCan, we believe in keeping NELA clean and green, but we can’t do it without your help. Let us help you keep your home or business looking brand new!