Terms and Conditions

Customer Responsibilities– It is your responsibility to have your bins out by the road on the day of service by 8:00 AM.  If neighborhood prohibits you leaving your bin by the road, be sure to have it exposed in an easily accessible area that can be seen from the road. SaniCan reserves the right to not to provide service if there is:

Unbagged Trash- Including loose garbage, yard clippings or limbs, etc…  We understand that there may be garbage that needs to be disposed of before our arrival. If this is the case, it must be bagged.

Hazardous Material- Including chemicals, paint, glue, or other adhesives

Building Materials- Including plaster, stucco, concrete, etc…

If you live in a gated community, please be sure we have gate code or add SaniCan to guard’s list.

If you have multiple garbage cans, you may not interchange cans between cleanings. Each can we service will have a designated ID. If can(s) placed on curbside or beside home is not a can on file, it will not be cleaned. If you would like us to clean multiple cans, it must be noted at time of signing up for service. If at anytime you wish to add a can, you may do so by contacting us.

To indicate that your can(s) have been cleaned, we will place a tag around the handle of each can after service has been completed. This tag will also have the date of your next scheduled service so you know when to leave can out on following month. If tag has been damaged or removed between services, please contact us to receive date of next scheduled service.

Agreement Terms

Month to Month– With this service, you will be billed on a monthly basis by a automatic withdrawal from card used to set up service. This service is a one-year agreement from the date of first service. Any customer wanting to cancel service must give a 30-day notice. No cancelation fee will apply as long as these terms are met. If 30-day notice is not given, a $15 cancellation fee will be applied. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify SaniCan of any changes to your form of payment.

Annual Agreement– With this service option, you will be billed for the entire year up front. A discounted rate is given to customers that take advantage of this option. If at anytime during the agreement you wish to cancel the service, you must give a 30-day notice and a $25 cancellation fee will be applied. If agreement is upheld throughout 12-month period, you will be notified 30 days prior to expiration that agreement is up for renewal.

One Time Service– With this service option, payment will be due upon completion of service. There is no term agreement with this option.

Commercial Service– With this service option, prices will be determined upon assessment of unit(s) being serviced. Payment can be charged with card or billed as a net 30 payment.

Privacy of Information 

Your privacy is important to us. SaniCan LLC will not sell or disclose customer information to any third parties.

***SaniCan is not liable for ANY damages to the bin being cleaned***